3.5 Bean Chilli

There are five amazing things about this bean chilli…
21 Oct 10

1. It’s quick! (and I’m all about quick and easy)
2. It’s healthy
3. It’s cheap to make
4. There’s enough left to freeze!
5. It tastes amazing!!!!!!

Now, unless you’re feeding an army there’s probably not much chance you’ll work your way through this entire bean chilli¬†but you could do what I do and either a) freeze it or b) make several meals from it. If you choose the latter then it’s great to mix with pasta as a protein boost for pasta bake.

So what you’ll need…

A giant pan
A tin of red kidney beans
A tin of rosecoco Beans
A tin of black eyed beans
A small tin of baked beans
A tin of tomatoes
Tomato paste
A red onion
Red wine (a glass for you and a glass for the chilli)
Chilli Powder
Dark Chocolate

I use tinned beans because a) they’re cooked so it takes less time b) you can usually buy 3tins for ¬£1 in Asda. However,if you use dried beans don’t forget they need soaking the night before and extra cooking time.

Start off by chopping the onion – I’ll let you decide how, I like semi small chunks. Add to some hot oil and fry over a medium heat until soft. Next add your mushrooms.

As per usual with my recipes, next you just need to bung everything (but the chocolate) else in, so add give it a good mix. Bring to the boil and add the chocolate towards the end of cooking. I’ve not given an indication of the chilli powder as it’s probably best you determine your own level of chilli.

And you’re done. Serve with rice, a jacket potato or with sweet potato mash – whatever you prefer.

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