5 occasions when it’s OK to put your smartphone away…

As much as I LOVE my iPhone and other gadgets, there are times when I resent modern technology. In particular, smartphones. I KNOW that they do everything for us and make life easier but they are also having such a negative effect on our relationships with other human beings.

They really are taking over our lives, steering us away from real interactions. Instead of complimenting our offline, real life activities they’re replacing them and it’s driving me nuts, as well as landing me with a big, heavy dose of “switched-on” fatigue.

There are times when I feel as though you’d need to call a surgeon in order to remove me from my iPhone, so it would be pretty hypocritical for me to act as a branch of the etiquette police, but even I know when I need to switch off.

With that in mind let me just run through 5 times when I think it’s important that we stop fiddling with our phones.

1. Concerts.
I just LOVE watching concerts through YOUR phone. Love it. I went to see the delightful Mark Owen last week and it was astounding just how many people were recording or photographing the entire thing on their phones. I’m not sure how I’d feel as an artists standing looking out and instead of seeing faces just seeing a sea of iPhones and Samsung devices.Cool take a quick pic, I’ve no problem with that but if I’ve paid money to see an act I expect your phone to be in your pocket for the majority of the gig.

2. In a restaurant.
Unless you’re looking up a voucher code for pizza express, there really is no reason as to why your face should be buried deep in to your screen. On a recent visit to Prezzo, the couple on the opposite table didn’t speak to each other once, instead they were engrossed in their smart phones. They looked up once during the whole meal and that was when the waitress placed their food down. How can two people sit throughout an ENTIRE meal without engaging? Put it away and actually connect to that human being across the table from you.

3. If you see someone in need. I get it…we are all citizen journalists these days, but when you see someone in need of some help (ahem…Nigella!) then quit sneaking photos on your camera-phone and use it to call 999 or pop it in your pocket, help out and pat yourself on the back for being a pretty decent human being.

4. Cinema.
Much like a concert or restaurant. Just stop doing it.

5. Whilst you’re driving.
It’s AMAZING the amount of people you see still driving around with phones attached to their faces. Just shut the fuck up for five minutes and enjoy the ride.

The simple message is: Smartphones are great but we need to stop living through a screen and start connecting to the real world. {a little ironic but click to tweet}

Do you agree? Are you suffering from smart-phone fatigue or am I just being incredibly grumpy?

Author: Rachael

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