5 Ways To Recharge Your Spiritual Batteries

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I know it’s only Tuesday but I bet that there are a fair few of us craving Friday already.

That’s the trouble with our modern life, it leaves us feel drained, tired and as though we are in need of a good spiritual battery recharge. We often push ourselves to the limit leaving us on the verge of snapping, which proves that there’s only so much we can take before we HAVE to have a break.

So if you’re feeling physically, mentally or digitally exhausted then try these simple ways of recharging your batteries…

Get Some Sleep…
I know that it’s a cliche but if you’re lacking sleep it’ll affect you in more ways than you think. Lack of sleep may have an effect on your weight, can cause serious illness, make you feel grumpy and depressed and quite frankly can dumb you down. Who wants that? We’re all guilty of not getting enough sleep so make a promise to yourself to go to bed just half an hour earlier than usual and you’ll notice a difference.

Create Your Own Home Spa…
For some people the bathroom is the only place that they get any peace. So whilst this tip may seem obvious, by drawing a hot bath and using plenty of essential oils, you’ll get to escape for an hour in luxury. The hot bath will also help you relax and soothe those aching mucles and joints. And since technology and water don’t mix remember not to take in your phone or iPad with you.

Go On A Digital Hiatus…
When was the last time that you turned your phone off or went a day without tweeting, checking Facebook or updating instagram? I can’t judge because I rarely switch my phone off but technology being constantly on and in our lives is causing us to have a complete digital overload. Whilst it may feel like you’re losing an essential organ by switching off all your alerts and by vowing to have a “day off” being online you will feel completely rested and your mind clear of non-essential clutter. Plus if you’re like me and check things like facebook/twitter/instagram out of habit and then get sucked in, you’ll also find that you’ve got a few more hours back in the day.

Get Some Fresh Air…
Nature is cheaper than therapy as they say. I cannot tell you how refreshed and alert I feel after a walk with the dogs. By spending time walking around the local park or having a walk to the shops you’ll find your head will be clear and you’ll even feel a spark of energy.

Eat Well…
Take a break from eating on the hop or filling your plate with processed food and sugar and you’ll feel better in a matter of hours. What we eat can make a huge difference to the rest of our lives. If you’re eating badly then chances are that you’re masking something else bad in your life. So start your day with a green smoothie and take it from there. Clean Eating = Clean Body and Mind.

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Author: Rachael

I'm a journalist and creative consultant. I write about how busy women (just like you) can live, work and eat - better.

5 thoughts on “5 Ways To Recharge Your Spiritual Batteries”

  1. I love soaking in a bath with my Kindle. It’s an hour-ish I can spend relaxing with a good book, away from the world, and it is physically refreshing as well for my aching muscles. 🙂

  2. Great advice Rachael. I know I lack sleep and always promise myself an early night but then I lay and watch TV until midnight !! Must change my habits !! Thanks for sharing.

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