Aloha! Welcome to my site. Whether you’ve followed me here from twitter, facebook, pinterest or just found me on good old google, I’m thrilled you’ve arrived. *ps: if you clicked on a link to rachphillips.com and wound up here, it’s all good, I’m the same person.

So, I’m Rachael. I’m a freelance journalist and creative consultant. What that means is I write about a ton of stuff and also help people with their online presence and content – but more about that at a later date. I’m also a certified Holistic Health Coach (graduated from IIN) and nutritional therapist.

So what’s Holistic Health Hack all about? Quite simply, it’s a blog exploring ways to help you be happier and healthier every day. You see for me being healthy isn’t just about fitting in to size 8 jeans (only in my dreams), drinking green juice or eating kale salad. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to health and wellness and it’s about taking in each individual aspect of life, not just what’s on our plates. So for example your diet could be fabulous but if your relationship is sinking, then you’re not at your optical healthy self.

I find there are WAY too many perfect people giving advice out there that it can be overwhelming, I’m still on my own wellness journey, I’ve got some weight to lose, some toning to do and plenty of other aspects of my life to mould – and I’m hoping that’s a journey you’ll join me on. This is my own personal blog – even if I have moved away from using my own name. So, you can be sure, anything that’s featured on this site is something I either feel passionately about, have tried, I want to try…well you get the picture.

This blog is for anyone who wants to live a little better, whether it’s finding balance at work, eating healthier, indulging in some serious wanderlust or just working out some of that internal stuff that’s going on in your head.

As well as sharing some pretty snazzy tips on being happier and healthier AND sharing some tasty eats (I’m going to be honest, my style of cooking is rather shove it on a plate and eat it so if some of the pictures are ropey – please forgive me) I’ll also be looking in to and investigating the latest health and wellness developments (hence the hack part of the name).

So let’s get started shall we…

Rachael x

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