Hello. Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I should probably start off this bio by saying how much I struggle to write them. I can write bios for other people until the cows come home, but for myself? Nope. Maybe that’s because I don’t like putting myself in a box and having to describe who I am and what I do on this page, kind of feels like that. Analyse that how you will.

Anyway, I’m Rachael. I’m a freelance writer, certified holistic health coach and creative consultant. I write about various aspect of lifestyle, wellness, health, women’s issues, living a non-toxic life and most importantly I’m passionate about living a junk free life and busting through the busy myth and getting more done in less time.

This blog is my own personal collection of thoughts, tips, musing, advice and findings on how to live a happy, healthy and junk free existence.

You’ll find everything from recipes that nourish your body to my top tips on productivity. What do I mean junk free life and busting busy? Ok these may seem worlds apart but they are actually connected. When I use junk, I’m using it from an holistic point of view. I don’t mean ditch your McDonald’s and grab a kale salad asap or chuck everything out so you’re sitting on a futon with just two candles to keep you company. I’m talking about the junk we expose ourselves to every day. From negative body image to copious amounts of sugar and processed foods.

It’s never just about one thing, it’s about finding balance in all areas. And like with with the busy phenomena. Busy, contrary to popular belief will not mean you achieve more. It will not mean that you’re going to be a better mother, entrepreneur or partner. It doesn’t mean that your LIFE is anymore hectic than someone else’s. It just means you’re not using your time wisely and more than likely making up excuses for things you actually just don’t want to do. ^ but we’ll talk more about that on the blog right?

So that’s me, oh and on a more personal level, I live in South Wales with my partner Chris and our two little dogs. I’m also a wellness advocate for doTERRA so you can expect plenty of essential oils witchery going on too!

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