What does your birthday say about you?


Today is my birthday! I’m not going to tell you how old I am BUT I am going to share this great website that I  stumbled upon last night, The Secret Language of Birthdays. The site reveals personality traits based on your birthday and gives advice for the future.

I’ve got to say, mine most definitely rings true (other than it claims I maybe a wee bit stubborn, an allegation I wholeheartedly deny). 

Those born on March 11 keep abreast of the times. Whether liberal or conservative in outlook, they are progressive in thought. That is, they know that to be out of touch with or unaware of what is going on socially around them is perhaps to say goodbye to one’s career. They see the world as a highly competitive place where only the quick and clever survive. In their private lives, however, they allow themselves to express the dreamier, more relaxed side of their nature, chewing over ideas and speculation through conversation with friends or family and perhaps developing imaginative projects. In both areas of their life, however, the unifying talent which they employ is their intuition, which for the most part serves them well.

What about yours? Does it ring true?

image and recipe via RasberriCupCakes


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