How To Blog: Take Better Blog Photos

I’ve been taking way too many photographs for this blog on my iPhone of late so it was one of my New Years Resolutions to put the iPhone down and start taking more pictures with my D-SLR.

Good photography is something that is credited when it comes to a good blog and since The Photography Show is going to be hitting Birmingham soon I thought it was a good time to share some tips on taking better blog photos

Since I’m no expert, here are a mixture of hints and tips from myself and other bloggers… (also keep reading for a special offer from The Photography Show)


1. Make it shareable…

When it comes to bringing in traffic, pinterest is big business. So making images shareable by either placing a quote or a how-to guide on the image is now becoming essential. Use pic or iPhoto to overlay quotes. For example:



2. Don’t over complicate it…

Your image can be as simple as you like and still stand out. Blogs can be so chaotic that a bit of simplicity can do your post the world of good.

3. Think about cropping… has done a brilliant blog post on better blog photos, this is one of their tips…

An easy rule of thumb when deciding where to crop (or not crop) a portrait image is to avoid cropping at any joints. Cropping at a person’s joints gives them a …disjointed feeling

4. Gwen from says this about Lighting…
Lighting is the most important aspect when aiming to produce clear, focused and clean looking images. Take advantage of dry days and photograph outside. The sun does not need to be blazing down, in fact that can sometimes cause problems instead of solving them.

When indoors, photograph objects like makeup or recent buys near a big window that lets in lots of natural light. Don’t be tempted to use desk lamps or artificial lighting, it will just cast an orange glow over your subject. (Normal lamps can be used on occasion but you need to know how to deal with the orange colour cast either in-camera or in post production.)

If you’d like to take things a little more seriously you can invest in some professional lighting equipment. I use one continuous ‘day light’ bulb and a softbox on a stand to accompany natural light. You can purchase these on Amazon or eBay – but be warned they do not come cheap. A set of non-flash* units will put you back around £100. *non-flash means continuous light just like a huge powerful lamp.

5. Watermark your images…

If you’re sharing your own images on the internet then you need to make sure that people know that they belong to you. Sometimes those who are sharing your image do a very bad job at crediting it properly, make it easy by placing a small link on the image.

6. The SITS Girls have a great tutorial on photo composition. 

7. What not to do…

And finally, A Beautiful Mess have compiled a list of 10 things NOT to do.
Including this…

Do Not Use Auto Flash ALL The Time Oh no no no no. This is a common mistake that is so easy to fix! Just turn off your automatic flash. See how in the above examples the auto flash makes the photo look flat and washed out, don’t let this happen to your photos! Natural light is lovely, so take advantage of it!

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  1. Thanks Rachael. Firstly your pictures are gorgeous! Secondly, what great advice, I especially need to start watermarking pictures and paying more attention to the lighting.

  2. YES, YES, YES…

    A very informative posting, well-researched and filled with places to go to know more. I had often wondered what it would take to get those quotes onto images, and now I know. The advice on where not to crop had thrown me for something of a loop, since most of the time the platforms seem to be targeted towards “headshots”. Armed with your information I can now look with a more critical eye.


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