What British People Say v’s What they really mean…

Whilst I was laughing at the compilation Buzzfeed so thoughtfully put together about my FAVORITE twitter account @SoVeryBritish I was reminded of THIS chart

What British People Say v’s What they really mean…

I love these things. Especially being Welsh where we get even more confusing and start using phrases like “I’ll be there now in a minute” (< I’m so guilty of this).

Buzzfeed also did 26 marvellous regional words we should all start using.

Image Credit * any excuse for a bit of Andrew Lincoln…

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One thought on “What British People Say v’s What they really mean…”

  1. Hi Rachel. As a Yank, I enjoyed this very much. I love the BBC productions like Fawlty Towers and Are You Being Served, plus I read a lot of British authors.

    Although my ancestry is Norwegian/Swedish on one side and mostly English on the other, I do have some Welsh ancestors named Bowen.

    Thanks for scaring this up.

    All the best,

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