How To Make Coffee Cube Iced Lattes…

Since getting back from New York, I’ve fallen in love with iced lattes (and iced chai tea lattes too – if anyone can point me in the direction of somewhere in Cardiff that does these then I’m all ears!).
Coffee Cube Latte

The best thing about these coffee cube lattes is that the coffee has time to infuse in the milk and you don’t get the watery taste that you would if you just put regular ice-cubes in cold coffee.

You will need:

  • A decent quality coffee & cafeteria (some instant espresso)
  • An ice tray or bag (if you’re using a tray, use a silicone one)
  • Milk

Start off by making your coffee. You’re going to want it pretty strong as it has to flavour the coffee.

Let the coffee cool and then pour it in to the ice tray.

Now you’ve got your coffee cubes.

Coffee Cube Latte

Next you need fill your glass or mason jar with the coffee cubes.Coffee Cube Latte

And the pour over your milk…

Coffee Cube Latte

The cubes will start to melt and infuse the milk. It’ll get stronger as you go along so its the perfect way to ease you in to your day.

Iceberg latte - thanks for the inspiration @rosielondoner

I was sent a sample of A2 milk which is a cows’ milk naturally rich in only the A2 protein and none of the A1 protein that is usually found in cows milk.  The A1 protein digests differently to A2 protein and has been linked to discomfort after drinking milk. That means a2 Milk may provide relief to many of the one in five Brits who struggle to digest cows’ milk.

Coffee Cube Latte

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