Don’t be a slave to the scales – A Dr Oz Tip

Last weekend I settled down to watch the live conference from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. SO many great speakers but amongst them was one of my personal favourites Dr Oz. 


Dr Oz is full of so much good advice (especially when it comes to the topic of weight-loss) that when I got to the States earlier this month, his magazine was the first one I sniffed out (unfortunately, my magazine obsession is still as strong as ever).

A point Dr Oz made during his #IIN lecture was that weight doesn’t matter – it’s waist size that’s really the key. Now as a total slave to the scales myself, this seems like a sensible idea.

Weight is no longer relevant (we’ve known this for a while), BMI certainly isn’t relevant (Brad Pitt would be classed as clinically obese if you went by BMI calculations) and it’s been long standing advice that we take measurements to be able to see the true effect of any weightloss.

But whilst measurements are all very well, the question is – if we’re not striving for a perfect weight then how do we know that we’re on the right track?

Dr Oz suggests that in order to find your ideal waist size you need to:

Take your height (in inches) and divide it by 2. 

So for example, I’m 5’7” which is 67 inches / 2 = ideal waist size of 33.5inches

To find out the size of your waist, measure above your hipbone and below the ribcage – not where your belt lies or around your hips.

What do you think? Would putting the scales away help you achieve your goals?

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