Equal Pay FOR ALL

I have a major issue about equal pay. It really grinds my gears to hear about women (or actually, anyone) receiving less pay for doing the exact same job as someone else.

Only a couple of days ago I was reading a piece in The Independent about how equal pay for women is actually about 60 years away. 60 YEARS!

Let that sink in and have a think about how old you or your children will be in that time! It’s a disgrace – right? According to the article, the gender pay gap currently stands at 19.7 per cent, with women earning only 80p for every £1 earned by men.

I don’t want to get too ranty but I wanted to share this video from Funny or Die where Christina Henricks (star of Mad Men) won’t work like a modern woman if she’s still getting paid like a woman living in the 1960s.

Modern Office with Christina Hendricks

Take a look…what do you think?

Author: Rachael

I'm a journalist and creative consultant. I write about how busy women (just like you) can live, work and eat - better.

2 thoughts on “Equal Pay FOR ALL”

  1. I was just talking about this with my partner last night. There was some joke or comment made on Facebook about women not being able to vote in 1814, in 1914 they could and in 2014 . . . some joke was made about it. I don’t remember the details. My partner made a comment about how things have come a long way. I said, “Actually, we’re in the dark ages in terms of things like equal pay.” I totally agree with you and what you’ve said here.

  2. Rachael, Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU for this post. You chose a brilliant way of getting an important point across. Just another thing that makes the J-O-B market a disgrace. It got me to wondering, what the gender breakdown is with regard to income earning in the network marketing industry. It would appear that that should be more of a level playing field, since payment is based more on results. Do you have any of those statistics. I wonder… Namaste, prp

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