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I saw this great image after reading an article on about Karen Le Billon and how a move to France stopped her kids being picky eaters.

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Can I just say that I bloody love France and friends will tell you that I often have “French” days (I mean I drive a French car, look good in black, love champagne and can do moody and mysterious just fine)…

But seriously, I think this is so good. I don’t know about you but it’s kind of how I was brought up, for a start the “kids eat what adults eat rule” was especially prevalent in our household. My parents didn’t have time (or the funds) to cook separate meals so if it was a case of fussy eating then you just didn’t eat that night. Simple. I also like the idea that the French teach their kids how to eat – we could all do with lessons on how to eat.

The French believe that teaching a kid to eat is just as important as, and just as time consuming as, teaching them to read. When you teach a kid to read, you teach the alphabet, then words, sit with them, read with them. The French feel that way about eating. They have a long-term view. They also don’t get frustrated when there are bumps in the road. Some kids take longer to read than others, but they don’t give up and say “This kid is a picky eater, she just doesn’t like broccoli.” You don’t treat fear of foods as a personality trait, you treat it as a phase.French Kids Eat Everything.

So I want to know what your rules for eating are and what were your rules for eating when you were a kid?



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5 thoughts on “French Food Rules…”

  1. Really enjoyed this article and agree with your statement about teaching the kids to eat is just as important as teaching them to read. Awesome!

  2. How interesting. Yet I’m sitting here looking awfully guilty. I wish it were something I could do, I wish it were that easy. I really do. However I’ve been left with a hideous situation that I fear would make any French parent scream in horror.

    I don’t eat red meat. Husband doesn’t eat any veggie alternatives that I like. One daughter is practically vegetarian. Without all the details, things are just very complicated here at meal times. Sometimes it’s quite frustrating for me, sometimes it just rolls. I wouldn’t say picky so much, but more select. Hmm.

  3. Hmmm! I sort of agree, except this is how I was brought up and I dreaded mealtimes with a passion. I think food and mealtimes should be fun, and just don’t think we all like the same thing all of the time. So I think I’ll stick to the English way – it’s me who hates most veggies, not my child!


  4. I love the French food rules, and those are the ones we follow at home. Little man always eat what we eat, I never cook special meals for him – as that’s how I was brought up! x

  5. This is brilliant, we follow the same rules at home. Even when the small ones were babies they had whatever we were having just mushed up. And I must say that my pickiest eater is my first born who was weened on jars of baby food! Maybe I got lucky with easy eaters but I couldn’t cope with it any other way!

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