How to get rid of flies & mosquitos – naturally


Since this post went down so well over on my Instagram I thought I’d publish it on my blog too. Now I don’t know about you but the one thing that drives me mad about summer is when you have little flies buzzing around in the day and mosquitos and gnats ready to nibble in the night.

Well there are two things that will naturally repel these little pests: Lavender and Basil.

If you’ve got green fingers then plant these two plants next to each other around your sitting areas – I’ve actually done this and have them by my back door to stop them coming in.

So why Basil and Lavender? Quite simply, mosquitos and other insects just hate the smell.

Also, basil is one of the few herbs that give off a scent without the leaves having to be crushed or physically disturbed. And the best thing about both lavender and basil they can be planted in or outdoors.

But if you’re not too bothered about planting  or you want to take a repellent on holiday then here are THREE ways you can use Lavender and Basil Essential Oils to shoo away those pests.

First up – make a spray.

Get a spray bottle add:

  • 20 drops of basil
  • 20 drops of lavender
  • 1/2 a cup of filtered water
  • 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar

You can spray it on your body, around your space, on your surfaces (ideal for when you’re eating outside) – even on your dog (if your dogs are like mine and get reactions to bites).

Second way is to diffuse the two oils. That’ll keep your home free of these pests. Although, don’t forget lavender is used to help promote calm and sleep so perfect to unwind and relax with.

Third and final way…get yourself a roller bottle. This is perfect for if you’re on the move and great to take on holiday. Just add a bit to your wrists, feet and ankles before heading out.

Blend together;

  • 10 drops of lavender
  • 10 drops of basil
  • and top up with your favourite carrier oil such as coconut or almond.

In addition to keeping away bugs, these blends will also helps kill bacteria and nourish your skin. You could even add a few drops of lemon or lemongrass too if you want extra protection and for a nicer smell.

This is such a great, natural way of keeping bugs away without nasty chemicals and the vile smell of deet.

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Author: Rachael

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15 thoughts on “How to get rid of flies & mosquitos – naturally”

  1. I’m super allergic to mosquitoes so this post was so suited to me and with the warm weather and my holiday coming up, I needed it! xxx

  2. I’ve never heard of these solutions before, maybe this summer will be a bit more pleasant now! 🙂

  3. I have not heard about putting these two plants together by your doors or seating areas before, I think we have both in the garden so am going to repot and see if it works. What a great post x

  4. I’m so glad I read this, our flat is always swarming with them as where we live is so hot so we always have the windows wide open meaning they are always coming in. Definitely going to try sorting out a spray xx

  5. What a fabulous post! I hate being bitten by them, and basil is one of my favourite smells. This is something I am definitely going to try out. Thank you x

  6. This is fab! I seem to be a target for any mossies within a 5 mile radius of where I am, they ignore everyone I’m sitting with! Must give this a go

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