Goodbye Google Reader: Pick Of My Fave Blogs

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I think I’ve had a bit of a mental block going on when it comes to Google Reader closing down. I’ve known about it for months but have done nothing about it until today (standard).

I read so many blogs (it’s cheaper than my glossy magazine addiction) so thought I’d best get a shake on and get them moved. And so to BlogLovin

Since I’ve been going through the blogs I follow, I thought I’d share with you some of my regular reads…(note these are just a fraction of who I could recommend as otherwise I’d be here all night sharing!)

Sarah Wilson shares another life technique…relaxing your nostrils.

Susannah Conway on the exercise hater’s guide to loving the gym.

Rachel from In spaces Between has started a new “How I Do It” series.

Gala Darling writes about how to survive the Mercury Retrograde

Garance Dore on being asked to write an article for the Wall Street Journal on her native Corsica.

Joy The Baker has been making brown butter chocolate chip cookies – perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Eat Drink Paleo tells the secrets of a good Bolognese sauce.

Scandi Foodie and her lovely swiss roll cakes!

Health & Wellness
Kris Carr talks about how to identify and release toxic relationships

Polly Noble – She maybe taking a little blogging break but she’s so inspirational that she’s worth the wait!

The Wellness Warrior wrote about how it’s okay to be unpopular. She also wrote a good post on how you should beware of organic cafes that aren’t actually organic at all.

Deborah Lee‘s blog is a great insight into her knowledge on all things social media. Well worth a bookmark!

The Middle Finger Project: I bloody love this woman! Her posts are straight to the point and you just know she gets shit done!

Penelope Trunk another straight talker. I love this post on how you should do the first thing on your to do list.

Alexandra Franzen invites you in to her technicoloured brain.

British Beauty Blogger did her first vlog – LOVE IT! She’s my go to girl for beauty, what’s not on her blog isn’t worth knowing!

I’m always looking for great new blogs to follow. If you think I’d like yours please add it below and I can pop it on to my blog lovin list.

All that’s left to say is RIP Google Reader 🙁

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