International Women’s Day

I have a ton of deadlines so I’ll repost this from 2019 as it I still relevant.

A short and sweet post.

Why IWD? IWD isn’t just about #bossbabe and #gogirl. Women still don’t have equal pay. We are still responsible for the majority of domestic chores. We are judged on whether we have children or if we don’t. We are still the large majority of victims of domestic and sexual violence. And that’s just the icing on the cake – International Women’s Day is still relevant and still needed.

Do something positive. Like, lend to a woman who can make a difference in her community but can’t get access to the funding she needs. I make micro-loans via Kiva.

When it international men’s day. Because it comes up every year, international men’s day is the 19th of November.

Give me some praise for not making a snarky comment regarding IMD. Also, see Richard Herring handle the men who continually wonder when men’s day is (aka every bloody day!)

Read up on some interesting women. Bessie Coleman / Joan Beauchamp Procter / Elizabeth Cowell / Hedy Lamarr / Noor Inayat Khan / Baroness Trumpington / Edith Summerskill / Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Be kind. Online and in real life.

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24 thoughts on “International Women’s Day”

  1. I think this is such an important day. Women are still under-payed and underappreciated in today’s world. They also have the most negative messages sent to them via social media and in entertainment.

  2. Glad to learn that there is international men day too. This is called equal right. We should celebrate both International women and also men day too. At this era, women has can voice out more compare to the past. We hope to see improvement.

  3. I didn’t realise there was an international mens day too – glad both sexes get to celebrate their strengths

  4. I’m still wondering why there’s an International Men’s Day. It’s like someone asking “Why isn’t there a white history month?” and then I eyeroll so hard I pass out. 😉 It’s important to continually point out that in 2019, women still aren’t being treated as whole, sentient human beings, even by our governments. It’s time for change! Happy IWD!!!

  5. Happy International Womens’ Day. In my country we celebrate it on governmental level but it feels like such a lie here. sexism is never higher than during this day

  6. I think that even if these problems still exist, things have been changing over the past years. Women have got together and rediscovered their voice. More and more women are also stop being afraid to leave abusive relationships and say no to a life of violence.

  7. Wishing you a belated IWD! It’s great we have this day as women, and it truly does feel like women from around the world come together.

  8. I did not know there was an International Men’s Day as well. That’s something new I have learnt today

  9. Great way to spend IWD…everyday is IWD. I never knew IMD existed until now and I actually find it sad that we don’t hear about it. I think we need to break down the barriers and mend and unite everyone if we want equality for all. So thank you for sharing.

  10. It is crazy than in 2019 we still celebrating IWD but as you said the thuth is that we are still so behind in many aspects.

  11. Yes such an important holiday. My mom said back in Ukraine when it was still communist IWD was a day that was greatly celebrated and no one worked on this day.

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