live, work & eat better #6

A bit late with this week’s link love, because I’ve been way too obsessed with my new fish tank. I will obviously share more about this at a later time but suffice to say I’m slowly turning my new home in to a zoo.
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Ageing is a huge topic this week. Especially with all the hoo-ha over Rene Zellweger and her alleged plastic surgery. So this interview from Rita Wilson on life after 50 is a must read.

Perez Hilton on how he’s a changed man

The past and future of cemeteries is a fascinating read.

Why we (media and consumers) shouldn’t be humiliating Rene Zellweger.


Taking Pictures: How photographers can protect their work.

I think I’ve been a bit obsessed with The New Yorker this week – How to Write a Sentence. 

Absolutely LOVE this. How successful people handle toxic people.

I HATE asking for money. I like getting paid though. Here’s some great tips from Marie Forleo on how to get paid when you hate asking for money.


I absolutely LOVE cauliflower cheese but it can be a bit too much. However, this Sicilian Cauliflower and Black Olive Gratin is perfect. Comfort food without the mass of calories.

Would you consider drinking raw eggs in milk for your breakfast? No? Well Marilyn Monroe did. Read this account of how a New York Mag journalist tried Monroe’s diet for a week.

Love mushrooms? Well now is the perfect time to get out and start foraging for them. Here are 12 recipes you can make with mushrooms.

Is it grumpy of me to hate that so many pumpkins are wasted because of halloween? Here are some things you can do with pumpkins other than just hack them up.

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