Live, work & eat better on a weekend #10

So, it’s been the first full week back at work after the Christmas break…how’ve you coped with it? I’ve not done too badly, I’ve stormed ahead with a HUGE writing project and I’ve also been updating my e-course #YBYW ready for round two.

Anyway, here are some reads to ease you in to the weekend! Enjoy…


This is interesting from Emma Barnet and I’ll definitely be tuning in to her radio 4 documentary on Sunday (11th Jan at 1.30pm)  when she explores “Mindfulness” and why are so many of us living lives we feel unable to cope with?

Are your 30’s really the happiest years of your life?

I am SO glad Jamie Oliver is on the case about misshapen fruit and veg. The thought that perfectly good veggies are thrown away and not sold because they aren’t perfect drives me mad. it’s 2015 and people are still in poverty in this country, it’s time to get real and stop the waste.

Would you give up washing your hair? Not sure I could.

Jamie Oliver seems to be the golden boy in my life at the moment but his piece on how “sugar is evil” for the independent is spot on.

Thought you’d seen all the beauty regimes possible? Well, the latest trend is pig collagen. Would you give it a go?

Here’s a handy guide for how long you should keep food in the freezer.

I LOVE Sarah Prout and her article on 15 Things You Need to Give Up to Be Happy, Healthy and Hot is one of my favourite reads so far this year.

So McDonald’s have opened a new “hipster cafe” where they sell dishes such as pulled pork, quinoa and lentils. Do you think this is a good move? I think perhaps McDonald’s should stop hiding behind the hipster branding and get some REALLY healthy stuff on their menus, they’ve already got the attention of the kids so why not harness that power and help turn unhealthy eating habits in to health ones?

I love a good long read. Shorter than a book but longer than your usual blog post. The Stylist has come up with 2014’s best long reads. I’ll be working my way through them this weekend!

Tim Loft says that “An electronic apocalypse is coming unless we act now”. He claims that we need to switch off the screens and connect with each other again because a whole generation is losing its way. I don’t think he’s wrong. As much as I love my smartphone etc we do need to all get back in to the real worlds. what do you think?

And whilst we’re on that subject, love this from my lovely friend Lisa who talks about the phenomena of blogger Zoella.

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