live, work & eat better at the weekend #8

Such a busy week, I’ve been compiling a gift guide for the insatiable Maison Du Vann, I’ve been working on my new website design and then to top it off, I’m launching a new 21 day pre christmas plan to help other fabulous women feel great in the run up to Christmas. If you’re interested in finding out more then make sure you sign up to my news letter ——>

So this week’s live, work & eat better on a weekend…


Texting neck: why your smartphone is bad for your posture. Apparently weight on head of walking while texting is like having four bowling balls stacked on your head.

Did you see this the secret life of passwords from the New York Times? It’s brilliant.

This is good news for me…The Psychology Behind Messy Rooms: Why The Most Creative People Flourish In Clutter.


Do you sell digital products? Ebooks, e-courses etc? Well, in January the rules on VAT are changing…

I LOVE this comment from Karen Brady… ‘The only reason to look down on other women? If you’re helping them up’


WHAT do you think of this? A teacher who killed and skinned a rabbit in class to “show children how their meat is processed”.

The miraculous benefits of coconut oil.

Why New Yorkers will be sipping bone broth (in coffee cups) this winter

I know I’m going to be offending people here, but I’m not a HUGE cheese fan (I know, I don’t really like bacon either)  but I do love a cheese toastie and a bowl of tomato soup on a cold winters night. Here’s a tip on the ultimate grilled cheese.

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  1. loved the philosophy behind the passwords. Although very long to read he lost me towards 3/4 of the article but it was interesting to see why people choose the passwords they do. Ive used nicknames in the past that people have given me, pets names, my marital name or year I got married. Its reminded me to change my password again, something I dont often do but agree we should do regularly. Thanks Rachaelx

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