Macbook user? Here’s an airpod trick

I found TikTok during the first lockdown and what started off as aimlessly scrolling through people dancing has now become quite useful. Because I’ve found the useful life hacks side of TikTok. And I just had to share this one – if you have a MacBook and AirPods then here is a handy trick that can make sure you never lose them again.

Your MacBook has a magnet in the left-hand corner of the screen which allows the airpods to stick to them. So if you’re getting up from your computer and just need somewhere for them to hang for a while, that’s it. In fact, the AirPods case will also stick to the screen too.

Now, I feel I should add a quick warning. Reading some of the comments on the original post people are concerned that doing this will result in a cracked screen should you close it whilst the pods are attached. SO, if you do this, please do remove the pods before closing the lid.

Author: Rachael

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