Meet Maggie

I wrote a ridiculously long draft for this post.

Then realised that about 1000 words in, it was all about the grief of losing Georgie (which was fucking tough!) and nothing about the dog I was introducing you to.

So, in the spirit of keeping things brief, I have someone I’d like you to meet.

Maggie has been with the family for quite some time now. In fact, she’s been with us for 13 months. Those who follow me on Instagram will already know that, because I post pictures of her ALL THE TIME (if you don’t and you’d like to, I’m here @rachaelphillips).

But for those who only catch my blog updates, here she is. Maggie Moo. The latest addition to our 4-legged family.

Why am I introducing her to you?

Well, I love dogs and I know many of my followers do too. If I go off for the day or a weekend break in the UK, it’s likely that Maggie is with me. So, I wanted to set up a new category where I can share dog-friendly places (especially in South Wales, where we live), as well as any dog related items that Maggie has tried and I think, are worth sharing.

Plus, it’s an excuse to share some cute pictures of Maggie.

Ps: RIP Georgie 2006 – 2017

Pps: We also still have Scooby, although he’s quite ill at the moment so his adventure days are over 🙁

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18 thoughts on “Meet Maggie”

  1. So sorry to hear about your dog, losing a pet is not easy. I remember every time we lost an animal, everyone was just as hard. Maggie is ridiculously cute! What a Little Love bug

  2. Yes Introduce me to Maggie again and again. She is too adorable to help it! I want to cuddle badly now. Awww!

  3. So sorry for you loss! Losing our pets is so hard; I have a senior chihuahua but he still surprises me with all his spunk.

  4. I am so sorry for your loos. I really can’t imagine how it feels like. Saying goodbye is one of the hardest thing.

  5. It can be very difficult losing your pet. You must be going through a tough time. Hope you feel better soon

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