Pearl Barley Risotto

Pearl barley risotto
Pearl Barley is cheap, filling and healthy. So I don’t understand why more people don’t use it.

This pearl barley risotto is one of my staple go to dishes. Sometimes I use chicken, sometimes I don’t. Depends on my mood.

Don’t worry about measuring out the ingredients perfectly and add/remove things to your own taste!

What you need:
175g pearl barley
1 tsp olive oil
White wine (optional)
500ml vegetable stock
Milk (optional)
1 onion
3 cloves of garlic

How to…

Heat the oil and fry the onions with the garlic. Next add the pearl barley and fry for around 2 minutes.

Iā€™m lazy so I put all the stock in at once. Bring to the boil whilst stirring. After about a minute or two turn down the heat and simmer. At this point I also add some chopped parsley, a little parmesan and a glug of wine (this is optional but trust me, it’s nicer with).

Leave to simmer for around 15 minutes and keep stirring. At this point at a little milk (again optional) and a tad more wine {feel free to have a little sipfor yourself too- everyone knows wine when cooking is essential}.

Keep stirring.

Once the liquid has been soaked up and the barley is slightly chewy yet still firm its ready to serve.

Service with parmesan sprinkled on the top.

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  1. This sounds great! And I don’t think it’s lazy, I think it’s a smart time-saver to just add all the broth at once. I’ve done a ton of recipes that had so many extra steps it was ridiculous, when all you really have to do is throw everything in the pan! It tastes just as good, and sometimes better.

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