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A quick note on change

Change is one of those things that you either embrace or you run from. It appears, when it comes to blogging, it’s something I embrace. You may (or not) recall I moved my blog away from my own name and instead started blogging under Holistic Health Hack. It was a good idea, at the time, but I quickly realised that actually, holistic health hack wasn’t really SAYING what I needed to say. It was too focussed on general wellness and not focussed enough on work, business, productivity – all those things that fire me up and get me going.

So I made an executive decision. It was time to go back to blogging under my own name and to start offering services within my business that are authentic to me. Which, in turn I suppose make them more authentic for the end reader.

So here it is. Another change, hopefully it’ll be the last time but I can’t make any promises on that one.. Once again, I’ve reclaimed my own name.

Is it the end for Holistic Health Hack? No. Since I’ve moved over all my old posts (and will eventually neatly organise them into an archive sometime next century) I’m unable to use the domain for a month. In that month I’ll be busy designing a new site that will purely focus on essential oils, how they can change your life and offer you natural solutions to all of life’s little problems. Because that is something that I’m also fired up about and excited by. Not to mention being involved a wellness advocate for doTERRA, this is now also part of my business.

Will the content on THIS blog be changing? Kind of. More and more I feel as though the wellness industry has been hijacked to cater for those who are a size zero, enjoy sipping green juice and chomping down on kale salads. I’m just not that person. I believe in wellness for all and it’s not just food that has an effect on how well we are – although, that does play a major role.

Wellness is an all encompassing idea. It pulls together your entire life and needs all parts of the cog to be working and running in unison to achieve the optimum state of wellbeing.

And I want my content to reflect that. So whether it’s sharing productivity tips, recipes to help you work smarter or advice on how we can quit being so busy all the time and start getting stuff done – it’ll all come under this site.

Will I talk about general wellness on this site? Yeah most likely. I’m a health and wellness journalist also health fads and science are interesting to me – and that’s kind of my point. I want this site to start reflecting my own interests and work, rather than slotting in to some kind of box that I FEEL I should be slotting in to.

I’m going to leave it there but in the meantime, let’s get to know each other again – get to know each other a bit better!!
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  1. I’ve heard of doTERRA before, there was a blend I wanted to try for menstrual cramps. I agree the wellness industry seems to all be about being slim, drinking green juice and yoga and there’s so much more to wellness and it’s projecting a different image. x

    1. Ahhh yes ClaryCalm!!!!! Amazing stuff. Clary Sage is also a really good oil to use when you have cramps or you know those little niggles? But the clarycalm is already bottled up in a little roller and smells amazing too. It’s one of the most popular blends <3 x

  2. I love andhate change it depends in what circumstance! At least you tried something new with the name of your blog, we live and learn! Also very much into wellness so will look forward to reading more!

  3. Change is always good. Glad you took the initiative and moved forward. Wellness is a great topic and since it is your background at least you will know what content to write about.

  4. I say good on you for embracing change and your website looks brilliant. Who is your host provider? I think you were brave to realize that things weren’t working out and decided to do something about it.

  5. I totally agree with your point regarding the wellness issue, we eat a plant based diet but haven’t really embraced green juices and kale, who really actually likes them? Yes the size zero issue is a major problem, I think the whole clean eating issue is quite damaging if not done right. Change is a good thing, I think going back to your name is great idea.

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