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Hello! Well I’m back from Spain so expect lots of new travel posts coming up in the next week or so. The one thing I love about going on holiday is that it gives you that breathing space to think about things and figure out what it is you want to do and where you want to go – the kind of space that “real life” just doesn’t seem to provide.

One thing I had a think about was this Sunday stumble series of posts. I love sharing articles and blog posts from around the web but I want to add a bit of pizazz. So rather than just a list of wonderful things you can read from this week I’ll be giving a bit of a weekly run down – everything from where I’ve been to things I love.

Hope you enjoy!

This week I’ve been…

Loving: Parma Violet Candles

I bought one of these a while back from a show I attended and it lasted so long that it was worth the £8.50 price tag. Since the winter nights are drawing in I thought it was time I treated myself to another one.

£8.50 from John Lewis


 Reading:6 things every blogger should know about photography – I love this post from Helena La Petite. We all know that photographs make a blog post great and Helena gives great tips.

Delighted Momma has done a great blog post about the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil. I’ve been a huge fan of coconut oil for a while now and read the blog post and you’ll see a few reasons why!

God bless Gala Darling and her tips on surviving your saturn return. if you’re nearly 30 (or 60) then you’re going to want to read this. Saturn is a tough bird to conquer and your first Saturn return is notoriously difficult but with these tips you should be able to ease yourself through it.

For more Saturn sorcery then check out The Saturn Sisters
You may enjoy this article about a fat, moustachioed orphan finding a home in the New York Times
Finally, not so much a “reading” but there was a great radio four program on how we’re relying more on our digital devices and how this is having an affect on our memory. It’s only 30 minutes and you can catch it on BBC iPlayer (or download the digital human podcast)

Visiting: Well, I’ve kind of been distracted by Spain and will do some seperate posts but I have to just quickly tell you about this amazing hotel in Madrid. The Axor Feria – it’s an airport hotel which was the ideal base for my whirlwind tour of Madrid but turns out it’s probably one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in. Cheap, modern and great service. Not to mention a bottle of nice wine was only €10 in the hotel bar. It had different zones such as wii, news, technology and chill out which were all big communal areas for residents to chill out. Free wi-fi, shuttle bus to and from the airport and a bus stop at the end of the road that will get you to the centre of Madrid with ease.  It cost just £39 per night through booking.com

Listening to:  Robbie Williams – Candy. I do love a bit of Robbie, I can’t deny it and I am absolutely loving – LOVING – his new song.

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