How To Stay Positive

When things are stacking up against you, I know how hard it can be to stay positive. Even if things seem like they are going well, sometimes all it takes is just one trigger for all that positivity and confidence to simply fall apart.

How to stay

I remember when I failed my driving test(s). The first time, I accepted that it was just one of those things, the second and third however, I did the grown up thing and just took myself to bed. Did it help? For about 5 minutes yes! But eventually, you have to get up and face the world so you may as well do that sooner than later.

Staying positive isn’t easy. It’s actually pretty hard work, our brains are hard wired to look for threats and when it finds one, it focuses on it. Threats can be perceived by the brain as being something as simple as worrying about a deadline – so you can be sure it happens to everyone.

There are times when you have to consciously choose to stay positive and you can train your brain to do so…

Here are three tips on training your brain to stay in positive mode…

Be Grateful.

Everyone is going to be faced by challenges whether it’s on a daily basis or once in a blue moon, we all have to deal with different shit. However, when things are going well, and there are positive things around you – it’s important to stop and take stock of these moments. Even if it’s something as small as having a choccie biscuit with your cup of tea.

Reflecting on the positive events in your life helps your brain store these moments up. Consider keeping a gratitude journal where you can write down your blessings as and when they come. Or maybe make it a weekly ritual that you start to document all the great things that you’ve actually got going on in your life. It doesn’t have to be long, drawn out essays, just keep it short, sweet and to the point.

Use affirmations.

Affirmations work on the basis that the more you hear something, the more you’re likely to believe it’s true. So if you’ve got a self confidence issue, standing in front of the mirror and telling yourself that you are worthy – works!

Try to chose at least two affirmations that represent you, your ethos and your goals.

I love this one from Tiny Buddah…

Keep your head up and your heart open.

Repeating your positive affirmations will help you make sense of and handle negative aspects of your life.

Don’t give in to negative thoughts

After my car accident earlier this year I had a week where I just felt awful. Not just in a physical sense but about everything. I didn’t want to get up, didn’t want to work and I didn’t want to even leave the house. I had to force myself to quit moping, get up and just get on with things.

Our brains zone in on negative thoughts, they expand them and can (at times) blow them out of all proportion. If you’re constantly worrying about something, those negative thoughts become bigger and badder.

A good tip I discovered was to try and distance yourself from the negative thoughts and look at them from an outsiders point of view. Observe it and then take practical steps to actually solving the problem.

So for example: rather than thinking “I’m a failure” try looking at it from the point of view of “I’ve worked really hard, this hasn’t worked out because of XYZ so what can I do to achieve my goal on the next attempt”.

It’s not easy to do but if you keep at it then you’ll start to look at things in a completely different way.

How do you stay positive?

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Author: Rachael

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4 thoughts on “How To Stay Positive”

  1. I love that affirmation! I’ve been reading so much recently about how our lives are dictated by our mindset, and that giving in to negativity only invites more negativity into our lives. Great post!

  2. Perspective is everything! Feeling positive and keeping it that way may not effect what’s happening right at that moment, but it does make you feel better about it. There are sometimes when you just don’t feel happy, when that happens to me I allow the feelings to flow through, then when I’ve had enough of feeling sorry for myself, I’ll do some EFT to help things shift along. EFT is brilliant for regaining a positive mind-set! Great post, I loved positive uplifting and empowering posts.

  3. Wow Rachael, it’s amazing how this post is so on point for me right now.

    …and since I don’t believe in coincidence, I know that I was suppose to
    read this today!

    Without getting to long and drawn out…let’s just say that I have been
    dealing with a lot of negative energy lately, both internal and external.
    And it’s reeeeeeeeeally hard to stay positive at times, but I realize that
    if I want to move past whatever it is, I have to refocus my own energy.

    Thanks for reminding me that the only true way to deal negativity is to
    approach it from a positive perspective.


  4. Hey Rachael. My ‘smart-alec’ remark, though it would be true, is “to read one of your blogs” – since they are always so uplifting. However, upon reflection, I have found that the cheapest, best and quickest antidote to the power of darkness (a.k.a. negativity) is:

    (drum roll please)

    A smile 🙂

    And if it needs a booster shot and of the prayers “Thy Will Be Done”, “Thank You” or “Amen” work for me.

    <3 this post and the Spirit behind the person that crystallised it into existence.

    Thank You, THANK YOU, Thank YOU. prp

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