Stylish Cow: The Lazy Cow, Warwick.

The Lazy Cow SalisburyLast weekend I finally got the opportunity to stay at The Lazy Cow in Warwick. Somewhere I’ve been desperate to stay for quite sometime.

We got an absolute bargain with this room. The usual price is around £150 a night but we managed to get a Luxury Kingsize Moo Room for just £50 by visiting the lazy cow website directly.  We didn’t have great service at the hotel and there were some issues with the room which I won’t bore you with but there’s no disputing this is one stylish hotel. It’s also right in the heart of Warwick, perfect for exploring.

Definitely a design hotel; The lampshade was made up of lots of little, retro milk bottles – funky.

The Lazy Cow, Warwick

The Lazy Cow in Warwick, great to look at but the important details are overlooked…All style and no substance does not make happy travelers.



A Nespresso was in the room which was a great touch and looked very stylish – much nicer than a cheap travel kettle anyway. There was also a small selection of TeaPigs tea bags (my fave)  on offer – this was all great so long as you know how to use a Nespresso machine.

The Lazy Cow
The Lazy Cow

The Lazy Cow

The room key was something special (and highly impractical). A small key attached to the largest metal hoop. Not so good to pop in your handbag and with the added extra of having the metal bang against the door frame each time anyone tried to access their room. You know when you get a noise that just grates on your nerves and you can’t tune it out? This was one of them.
The Lazy Cow

The Lazy Cow
Lazy Cow Warwick…Where Lady Gaga meets Grace Kelly


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  1. I’d like to point out that the bathroom was also dirty all the silicon around the shower tray was black. You forgot that bit, oh and the carpet was stained with something vile looking. Not to mention the room service tray that was left outside our room all night, the lampshade that was burnt through and one was held together with a bit of silicone.

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