Whole foods Asparagus Water

It drives me crackers when people claim that eating healthy is expensive. After all, if you shop right then good foods are actually cheaper than most junk food.

But then this pops in to my newsfeed on Twitter.


Asparagus Water. $5.99 for water with three stalks of asparagus inside. Seriously. No wonder people think that healthy eating is out of their reach. It’s also extremely pretentious and well, if you’re paying $6 for water with stalks of asparagus swimming inside then you probably need to have a word with yourself. 

BUT…and there’s always a but.

Asparagus infused water (which, I think whole foods have actually claimed it was supposed to be) may not seem as silly as it sounds. Actually, any infused water (although, I’d recommend lemon and fruits over veggies) is a good way  of helping you hydrate as you’re more likely to drink more if it has a flavour.

There are loads more benefits on infusing water and some combinations over on this post > 3 interesting ways with water.

So over to you…what “health” craze do you think has gone too far? 

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