Time to take a bath…

We live in a crazy, crazy world.

I don’t know about you but I find it so difficult to switch off. I seem unable to just shut down the computer and walk away. My iPhone or iPad is constantly on googling, reading, emailing etc…It takes a lot of time (and self control) for me to be able to unwind and switch myself in to relax mode.

But one way I find instantly relaxes me is by taking a long, hot bath. I suspect it relaxes me so much because being number one in the clumsy league the idea of taking my iPhone in the bath is a dangerous one. So really it’s the only time (aside from driving but then bluetooth in my car has put a stop to that one) where I can shut out the outside world and be alone.  I’ve just always loved baths, maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces and have a natural affiliation with the water or maybe because there’s just something incredibly indulgent about having a bath.

But the best thing about baths is that they are incredibly good for you – mentally and physically.

Dr. Michael R. Irwin, director of UCLA’s Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology says “When you become present in the moment, a profound relaxation occurs. It actually resets your physiology, regulates some stress hormones, helps with concentration and reduces tension”

When it comes to the physical aspect, taking a bath helps you sleep better, eases skin problems and soothes sore muscles. But you knew that right?

If you’re like me and you love a hot, scented, bubble induced soak here is a great DIY bath soak that will draw out the toxins, lower your stress related hormones, balance your PH levels and help your sleep soundly…

bath detox...

Ole Henriksen recommends soaking in a bath at least once a week to ease common upper back and shoulder tension. To replicate the spa bathing experience at home, he suggests indulging with candles, calming refreshments, soft music and a rolled-up towel for neck support. Add Epsom salt to help take out the body’s stress and strain, a cup of powdered milk and your favorite essential oil blend. Henriksen uses lavender to calm, and rosemary and eucalyptus for aching muscles. Soak, close your eyes, meditate, relax.

Suzi Grant wrote 48 Hours to a Healthier Life and gave a savvy guide on what’s the best bath concoction and how long you should stay in it… Continue reading “Time to take a bath…”