Does everything happen for a reason?

Well, it’s not been THE best week of my life. The stress of trying to sort out my car insurance (since its now been confirmed that my car is a complete and utter write off), trying to rest up so my injuries heal, battling jet lag and fighting against a tide of work is slowly and surely taking its toll.

I’ve been trying to hold on to the fact that everything happens for a reason and I wondered if that’s something you believe in too? I mean, being in a car accident isn’t ever something that you’d want to happen but the fact I walked away with a bruises and injured ribs instead of it being much worse must’ve been part of the plan in some way. Truth is I convinced myself that I had worked hard and deserved my new car but I was never really comfortable driving it. I don’t know what it was, but every time I got on the motorway I had this feeling it was going to break down. A complete and random thought as it was a newish car and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.   Continue reading “Does everything happen for a reason?”