Homemade face masks for you to try…

I had the best weekend at The Good Food show in Birmingham and have come away very inspired so expect plenty of foodie posts coming up.

However, I’ve been thinking of posting this for a while and since it’s a food and beauty mix I thought it was perfect timing. I don’t know about you but when winter comes along it wreaks havoc with my skin. The snapping cold wind and the central heating just does me no favours at all.

Because I’ve got sensitive skin, I’ve got to be careful what kind of products I use, so at least if I use stuff from my own kitchen, I know exactly what’s in it so homemade face masks are the way to go!

Here are four of my favourite homemade face masks

To hydrate…

Our skin is put to the test every single day. So it’s no surprise that many of us suffer from dry skin. Whilst there’s no better way to hydrate your skin than making sure you drink plenty of water, here’s a facemask that will feed your skin and keep it plump and juicy… Continue reading “Homemade face masks for you to try…”