Mad about Fungi: 5 ways with Mushrooms

mushroom foraging

What better way to spend a cold, wet, autumn Sunday than to head to Mid Wales to take part in some mushroom foraging with mushroom expert Dan Butler?

Well, thanks to my friend and hedgerow guru Adele Nozedar, that’s exactly what I did.

I love mushrooms, they’re so versatile and healthy but I went along to the fungi foray prepared that it was time to move past the Sauteed Mushrooms, to shun the run of the mill button variety and start being a bit more adventurous with fungi…

Adele has covered this great day on her blog which you can read here…

Meanwhile here are 10 reasons why mushrooms are great…

1. Mushrooms are uber healthy…

They’re low calorie, packed full of iron and other vitamins and minerals and have been linked to decreased risk of chronic diseases.

2. Mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D

Did you know that if you leave mushrooms out in the sunshine for 20 minutes before eating them they can absorb Vitamin D? Ingesting a handful of vitamin D-enriched mushrooms four times a week can bring serum levels to a healthy baseline.

3. Mushroom Soup

Good mushroom soup can be amazing…not only amazing but also cheap and quick to make.

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