How to make a record bowl

I know some people may think of this as sacrilege but if you’ve got an old vinyl hanging around and want to upcycle then it takes just a few steps to turn it in to a funky bowl.

They make great gifts of Christmas!

Place your record over a tall mug and place in the oven (which should be pre-heated to around 120˚).

The label should be the only part touching the base of the mug. This will allow the record to take it’s shape.

It will only take a few minutes so keep a close eye on the record. Once it starts to soften, remove from the oven and leave to harden.

It should stay soft for a few seconds so if you want to mould it a little more do so, just be careful as it obviously get’s very hot.

And then you’re done…

A quirky record bowl perfect for filling with Christmas nibbles…