Hotel Mela, Times Square, New York

I absolutely LOVE hotels.I’m genuinely fascinated by them, always have been. I love the smell, the bustle, the feeling of one room living. I’m also deeply interested in what goes on behind the scenes in hotels (have you been watching that Richard E Grant series on Sky Atlantic about hotel secrets? If not, Series 2 is on NowTV – well worth a watch). So many weird things happen and strange behaviour played out – it’s enthralling.  But all that is another story… I was chatting with someone on Twitter last night about my stay in New York, they have booked the same hotel and I couldn’t praise it highly enough – which then reminded me that I hadn’t actually blogged about it.

So if you’re on your way to New York then check out Hotel Mela a fabulous hotel that’s right in the heart of Manhattan…

5218578632_d5ba46d98b_z Hotel Mela located 120 West on 44th Street. Right in the heart of Times Square this  hotel has defiantly got the home from home vibe down. 5217993513_df946f9a28_b     Large, memory foam beds with plenty of pillows and thick black out curtains to hide the noise and bustle of Times Square – I can honestly say i’ve not had a better night sleep in years (and bear in mind I was in a car accident the day before!!).

The Hotel Mela really is the perfect place to base yourself, especially if you’ve never been to New York before! It’s tucked up a side street so you have a moment to catch your breath being entering the fray. The hotel is less than two blocks from all the shopping on Fifth Avenue, within five blocks of the New York Public Library and the Rockefeller Centre, and  Central Park and the Museum of Modern Art are within 15 blocks.

We managed to walk EVERYWHERE from the hotel so it really is ideally situated. OH and free wi-fi so you can update all your friends back home of the wonderful time you’re having… 20140512-174812.jpg images of hotel mela via crshotels on flickr