Summer Cocktails: Mojito Recipe

On the blog today - mojito's

There’s no guessing why I was insistent on planting mint this year…


Nothing quite says summer like a good cocktail and on a hot summers day a mojito is THE perfect choice. {Click To Tweet}

If you’ve ever been to Cuba then you’ll know how good authentic mojito’s are, but there’s no reason why you can’t bring Cuba to you!

Earnest Hemingway (again,if you’ve been to Havana you’re bound to have been to Bodeguita del medio bar) was a huge fan of the simple mojito but he preferred to exchange his soda water for champagne…unfortunately I’m living on a lemonade budget so it’s just plain ol’ mojito’s around here.

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Faux Viscount Biscuits {aka mint chocolate ritz}

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Everyone knows I love jaffa cakes, I’m the number one jaffa cake connisseour but I also do like a cheeky viscount, especially at Christmas time. Which is why I am now absolutely IN LOVE with this recipe. You don’t think that it would work {I mean ritz and chocolate hmmmm} but trust me, it really does!

How to make faux – viscount biscuits in a few simple steps!!

What you need:

A packet of ritz crackers
2 x 100g bars of chocolate (I used milk chocolate)
Peppermint essence


Line a tray with some tin foil.

Melt the chocolate.

Add a few drops of peppermint essence to the melted chocolate and mix in.

Take a packet of Ritz, dip them in the chocolate and place on the foil.

Leave to set and voila Faux Viscount Biscuits.