What do you have for dinner?

10494824_910026282357929_2156280051801110565_nThis is a really random question but what kind of foods do you usually have for your dinner? One of the reasons that I started my health coaching course was because I am fascinated by what people eat. I also loved this article which shows the average daily meals from around the world.

You know those “check out my fridge” pieces that you see in glossy mags? I love those. But I also think about what ordinary people eat too. For example I was sat in my garden enjoying a gorgeous meal of halloumi with minty broadbeans and peas and I started thinking about my next door neighbour and what he would be having for his tea. He looks like a bit of a roast dinner or pork chop man to me, I couldn’t imagine him sitting down to my dinner.

I think that’s why I love instagram so much, it’s like a little sneak peek in to people’s kitchens.

So I’m going to throw this out to you! Tell me below – what kind of foods do you eat?