THIS is why I took in a rescue dog…

A year ago we rescued a dog from Croft Kennels in Bridgend. His name was Scooby and he wasn’t treated very well in his previous home. He come to us with a LOT of problems, some he still suffers with, some we’ve managed to change. He didn’t like being near us, was very aloof and didn’t make a single sound (no barking, no whinging not even any panting).

NOW a year on he’s the cheekiest little dog you’ll ever meet. He’s loving, clever and VERY noisy.

This video was posted on facebook this evening and it reminds me so much of why we got Scooby. So many people had turned him away because of the way he looked and we just knew we had to take a chance on him.

It only takes someone with a bit of love and attention to really make a difference to a life – whether that be dog or human.

Scooby >

A picture of Scooby & our little Westie Georgie

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13 thoughts on “THIS is why I took in a rescue dog…”

  1. @britbeautyblog @rachaelphillips awe – Also took in a rescue dog a month ago, with love she is thriving too. Rewarding for all concerned.

    1. @shopofedelights @britbeautyblog Its so much harder than I thought, so many issues but hes a totally different dog from the one we took in

      1. @rachaelphillips @britbeautyblog trust comes in time, ours was a stray but think was abused. In time they will relax & enjoy their new life

    1. @WoodieandMorris he’s our first rescue. We had Georgie from a pup. It’s hard but def rewarding xxx

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