Forget the tat – pay it forward instead

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I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Although I do love going to the supermarket and seeing men in a wild panic because the roses and chocolates have run out (tip always – ALWAYS go for a nice Champagne, that beats choccies and roses any day!)

BUT here’s another idea for Valentine’s Day…Instead of spending money on junk that’ll just sit in a room somewhere and gather in dust or make you put on 3lbs, why don’t you do something today to pay it forward. A random kind act that can be anything from putting some extra change in a tip jar to buying a big issue or even putting some money in to someone’s kickstarted adventure.

Whatever you do, have a great evening AND if you’re like me and you’re planning a mammoth House Of Cards binge then make sure you get in a little disco nap because it’s gonna be a late one!


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  1. Short and Sweet…good insight. I´m totally not into Valentine´s day, and luckily for me my wife neither. But why should we if we love each other 365 days a year lol. Thanks for giving your persnal touch to this post 🙂

  2. What a fantastic idea! Instead of celebrating Valentines day with gifts and a night out in our household we take the day to celebrate everyone we love in our life. I completely love the idea of the random act of kindness. Im going to do it! Thanks Rachael!

  3. Paying it forward is always a great idea. But doing it on Valentines is even better! Even though it’s considered to be a couple day, you can always do something nice for someone in your life or someone that is in need of help! Thanks for the great post!

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