The week the internet turns 25…

This cartoon from The New Yorker appeared a few weeks back on A Cup Of Jo and since the Internet turned 25 this week I thought that it would be apt to share it. Plus, I love it, it’s most definitely autobiographical, I’m always looking on IMDB to find out what actors have been in before – it’s a compulsion.


But seriously, I can’t believe that the internet is just 25 years old, it’s impossible to remember a time without it (although, I obviously DID live for quite sometime without it). Funnily enough, it was only last week that I was having a discussion about when we first got broadband installed and we were shocked at how it actually wasn’t that long ago. Gah, can you remember dial up and how slow the connection used to be? (but how amazed we were at the same time?), that awful noise that the modem used to make and how if you were on the net you couldn’t make phone calls? OH and lets not forget the countless AOL CD’s that were posted through the door.

I really wonder what I’d be doing now if it weren’t for the internet, especially as a lot of my work takes place online. And blogs – I couldn’t imagine not having access to the wonderful foodie, business, fashion and lifestyle blogs out there. Lets not get started on social media!

But despite the bad parts of the net (trolling etc) it’s still a wonderful place!

So tell me, what are your favourite memories of the internet?

ps: I couldn’t leave this post without sharing this website: Cat Bounce < you’re welcome!

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One thought on “The week the internet turns 25…”

  1. I only just learned, via the magic of the very world wide web about which you so eloquently have tapped, that you have eloquently tapped a link to my article on the last quarter-century.

    This renders you amazing for eternity. But I love the cartoon and that makes me sad, because it reminds me by comparison to the true greats I am talentless.

    Bereft and Sundayed, I doff my cap in your direction, dearest RP. You are magic.

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