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Georgie ready for summer
YAY for British Summer Time! Although the weather suggests we’re still in winter.

How’s your week been? I’ve been busy trying to get everything done and dusted before the end of the month. I also passed my health coach course – if you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen the pics – so all in all, march has been a good month.

Anyhoo, here are some interesting tidbits from across the web…

Well, first up I have to tell you about my two friends who’ve both released new books this week…first up is Tanya whose release her new e-book “Sweet Vegan Treats” and the other is my lovely friend Adele whose book “The Garden Forager: Edible Delights in your Own Back Yard” is also out. Both women are amazing and you should definitely buy both books!

Apparently, a bowl of Quinoa can save your life. However, I was reading an equally interesting article about how the demand for quinoa in the western world has meant that Bolivians can no longer afford their national dish.

Enjoy a ready meal every now and again? Well you may want to read about the murky world of connivence meals.

As you know I’m a huge Take That fan and back in the 90’s I couldn’t believe when Robbie left. And then of course just a few months later TT decided to call it a day. SO I totally get the angst teenage girls are going through at the news that Zayn has quit One D. Of course they’re going to feel emotional – they’re fucking teenagers!! And one thing that teenage girls are is a ball of frazzled emotions. Quite a few interesting reads on this subject…1. This cut for Zayn business is scary!! YES OK, so take that had a special hotline dedicated to the split but cutting yourself? Time to start looking in to why kids are taking it to the extreme these days. 2. EMPLOYED people asking for compassionate leave is just crazy!!! 3. Good piece in The Independent about how Zayn’s departure shows the perils of social media. 

Do you suffer from a big ol’ case of FOMO (fear of missing out) if you unplug for a while. Read this NYT piece about unplugging without the FOMO.

How amazing is this vertical greenhouse that will grow 100,000lbs pounds of veggies a year

Fed up of hearing how an early start could make you more successful and an all round better person? Well the New Yorker turns that on its head and explains why early mornings don’t make you moral. 
I posted a recipe for black garlic tofu earlier this week but   has knocked it out of the park with this 


Totally love this piece from Amy Liz about what she knows for sure! Especially point one 😉

I wrote about the benefits of sugarcane juice this week and also the 7 habits of calmness.

I can’t believe that Sarah Jessica Parker is 50! She certainly doesn’t look it. Love this little piece by Lisa about SJP.


This is fascinating. Since I’ve spent all week looking in to my own family history thanks to a DNA kit I was sent (more info on this soon) I loved reading about how this family delved deeper in to the history of their house after a builders made some interesting discoveries.


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  1. Wow some great links and reads…going to check out a few – very interesting about the Quinoa being so healthy but also making it too pricey for the people who grow it. Thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  2. Great round up of the week! I can’t believe SJP is 50 either, she’s amazing! I hope One Direction don’t split up, I have tickets to see them in October – I’m not really fussed about Zayn leaving though! xx

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