Weekend Reads

I thought I’d start up my weekend reads again. So each Friday I’ll post a round-up of great reads to see you through the weekend. I’m going to try include at least one long read too, I’m really enjoying long-reads at the moment, I’m trying to train my brain to get OUT of the social media habit of quick reads.

Are the Kardashians and Social Media Really Toxic? This Movie May Have the Answer.

I’m definitely a bit of a web sleuth. This is fascinating. A skeleton with a hole in the head found in 1975 is no longer just a ‘Jane Doe’ — thanks in part to Internet sleuths.

I love Instagram but there are some CRAZY people on there. So this is interesting news: Instagram is testing feature that allows public accounts to remove followers

I am all about packing light. My recent trip to Washington was the first time I’d travelled with a full-sized suitcase in YEARS! Check this woman out, she packs 50 outfits into a small tote bag. Seriously, this shit is magical.

Still obsessed with coconut oil? This professor says that it is PURE poison. And ‘one of the worst things you can eat’.

LONG READ: This story is FASCINATING! And VERY much of our age. How one woman scammed a city. What do you think?

5 More Cheap(ish) Things That Could Disproportionately Improve Your Life.

This from Cup of Jo: When dinner is in doubt, add an egg.

And that’s that! Have a good weekend all!

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