Weekend Reads

This week has whizzed by. As it always does this time of year.

Here’s a selection of interesting reads from across the web for you to enjoy this weekend.

Although, I’m going to start with a video. You may have seen this pop up on your social media feeds at some point today. Iceland have been told that they can’t air their Christmas advert this year because it’s too political. Well, saving the planet should be a bit more important in this case.

Watch the video. Palm oil is a real problem, the way that it’s harvested is causing utter devastation.

The Dumb Device Counterculture – Is a true digital detox our only hope?

From offal to nettles: chefs on the best underused ingredients to try at home.

What happened when I started intuitive eating.  As someone always on a diet, this is brilliant. 

A live stream of a Norwegian train, to relax your mind.

A reason to hope. 

Margaret Fuller on What Makes a Great Leader: Timeless Political Wisdom from the Founding Mother of American Feminism.

These bags are made from Bananas.

Enjoy the weekend all,

R x

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