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YAY! It’s Friday! This week has felt LONG. I’m still working on my Washington guide, I can’t decide whether to do one long one or a couple of shorter posts. This weekend involves some lazing time and some DIY (is it even the weekend if you don’t DIY?). What are you up to?

Anyway, here are some great posts from across the web.

Starting with a Black Friday deal I can really get behind. Amazon is offering 50% off Audible for the first 4 months. So just £3.99 instead of £7.99 for FOUR months. I love audiobooks, they’re perfect for when you’re walking the dog, driving around, working etc. Click HERE for the offer.

The dog is in charge (don’t I know it!)

My patience is paper thin so this from the New York Times is a good guide on: How to be a more patient person.

Women! You’re working the rest of the year for FREE.

Waitrose is bringing back Victoria veg. Salsify sounds interesting.

Think your product is palm oil free because the words palm oil don’t appear on the packaging? Think again. Here are 25 sneaky names for Palm Oil.

Remember when American’s were eating Tide pods? Well, now Tide have uncovered their new packaging which looks just like a box of wine who knows what will happen with that.

I miss internet-free holidays. Good news is Whatsapp are introducing a “vacation mode” so you can switch off when you’re trying to relax.

The story of tolerance and the Moomins

Here’s what happened when I quit drinking.

Women get picked on for every little bit of their appearance when in the public eye. SO I don’t feel bad sharing this illustrated history of Donald Trump’s hair.

These savoury festive bakes from Emily Leary.

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  1. I can’t believe that Black Friday is starting so early this year – I’ve been keeping my eye on the bargains 🙂

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