Why women get flak when they talk…

Have you ever listened back to a recording of yourself and recoiled in horror? I have, I’m really bad, I hate listening to myself on playback. But apparently this is more common in women than men.

NPR are running a series at the moment about The Changing Lives of Women and they’ve discovered that many women in positions of power are advised to modulate their voice pitch and speech patterns to match their male counterparts.

Take a look at the video and let me know what you think below…

Author: Rachael

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2 thoughts on “Why women get flak when they talk…”

  1. I have massive issues with my voice! I hate the way I sound to the point where I dread meeting people because of how horrible I sound. I’m so child link and just.. just stupid.

    I researched into why we hate how we sound when we’re on tape and came to the distressing discovery that the way we sound on tape is the way we sound in real life to other people. When we talk and hear ourselves every day isn’t accurate because of the way the sound travels to our ears from our months or something.


    Corinne x

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