Words to Live By


So sad to hear of the death of Robin Williams this morning. Such a talent and played such a huge part in what I saw growing up. The world will be a much blander place without him.

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world” ~  Dead Poets Society 1998

Author: Rachael

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2 thoughts on “Words to Live By”

  1. It’s such sad news, I was really shocked to read about Robin’s death this morning. I didn’t realise he contributed so many brilliant uplifting and empowering quotes until today. My Facebook newsfeed is like one long loving tribute to him. I wonder if he realised how dear he was in many people’s hearts…depression is a horrible illness.

  2. Rachael: what a shock it was to learn of Robin Williams’ departure from his earthly shell yesterday. It felt to me, and so many others, that a favorite Uncle had moved away and not left a forwarding address. God must have needed a new Court Jester. That said, with what I heard about all the demons he was fighting, it would be selfish of me to wish him not be released from that battle. It seems to me he packed enough into his one life to fill the lives of so many who just go through the motions of living. So, from the words we chose for my own father’s Book Of Remembrance – “ANd when the Earth shall claim our limbs, Then shall we truly dance” – I know he is somewhere ROCKIN’ IN THE FREE (OTHER) WORLD. Thank You, Rachel, for taking time to honor the memory of another GREAT human BE-ING. prp

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