Zen Home Conscious Life

I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of living more consciously and experiencing things as they truly are. Of course, this is something that is easier said than done, in our hectic modern world. That is why we need our homes to be conducive to this and be planned, organised and decorated in the right way. Keep reading to find out more.  



On the most important Zen principles that we can apply to our homes to have a more conscious life is simplicity. That is only having those things in our living space that we truly need. No additional frills, decorations, or touches that don’t serve a true utility.

Of course, you are free to adhere as strictly or as loosely to this rule as you like, to find something that is both comfortable and works for you. It may be that you take this idea on board in some of your rooms. Stripping away the knick knacks from the living room or re-fitting the bathroom with a simple white suit like the ones available online. Click here for an idea of the sort of thing I mean.

Just remember though that the idea is it’s through simplicity we spend less money and mental effort getting things right. It is this that allows us more room in our homes and life to truly experiencing living.



Another helpful premise of Zen that can be applied to our living spaces is that of organisation. The idea is that everything should have a place to belong and be returned to when it has finished being useful.

This sound pretty simple doesn’t it, but how many time have we neglected to pack away the crockery once we have finished eating, or the ironing board once the laundry has been completed? The problem is that if you live in an environment where you are surrounded by clutter and chaos, it can have a direct effect on your state of mind. That is why it can be a good idea to compassionately dedicate yourself to organising things.

Do it in a kind and measured way, so you have enough energy to do everything that is required of you and your home don’t turn into some minimalist shrine to design. Remember it’s about not getting too attached to either way of being, but embracing a pragmatic middle way that genuinely enhances the way that you live.



Lastly, another concept of Zen that you apply to your home is one of space. After all, the idea is that through meditation we give our brains enough room to accept what is in them, without being too influenced by this.

Happily, this is also a principle that you can apply to your home life. As by creating space to actually live and do the things that are valuable to us, rather than just living to serve the status space represents, we can touch a deeper reality of life. It is in this way that a Zen home can help us create a more conscious life.

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