What colour is your screensaver?

THIS is my screensaver right at this moment…

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 18.16.27

I say right at this moment because I’m going to be changing the black asap!

Why? Well, I just read this great post via Sarah Wilson’s blog about what Australia’s leading colour specialist Chris Brazel has to say on certain subjects.

One of the subjects she commented on was our screensavers!! After all, screen savers are the first thing that we see as soon as we turn our computers on (which is why I always try to have a picture of somewhere I want to be and I change it often).

This is what she had to say about what the colours of our screensavers represent:

• Purple is a belief in your knowledge that your wisdom and knowledge are of a high value.  It is also a spiritual colour and a colour of strength.  When you have purple with white it has the energy of helping you face what you need to face to reach your full potential.

• Sunflowers are excellent for new golden opportunities.

• Dragon fly if you want transformation.

• You always avoid pictures of mountains as that will indicate that you feel you have obstacles in your way.

• You should also avoid butterflies if you want real change and especially two butterflies together as that will relate to relationships ending in sadness.

• Other animals such as the owl is great for wisdom, dolphins for freedom, horses to stop any stagnation.

• Most word computer  screen savers except for the tulips are not positive.

• Avoid black, grey or brown.  They’re a cry for help.  Grey means that you are in a grey area of your work and life, brown that you are bogged down and black – there is something that needs to end.

So what do you think? What colour is your screensaver?

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One thought on “What colour is your screensaver?”

  1. My screen saver is mostly purple and a bit of gold (a photo of my Christmas tree lol) but I like the photo of your screen saver though 😉

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