The Conversation: Women’s Body Image

At last The Conversation has arrived in the UK. If you’re not familiar with the brilliant project by Amanda De Cadenet then hop on over to where you can see a whole host of videos from the American series. If you have sky, then you can catch The Conversation on Lifetime Channel (sky 156) Monday’s at 8pm.

It’s a brilliant series, it’s refreshing to see women being able to talk in an honest, authentic way without judgement. Something that current media (society too perhaps?) doesn’t  embrace (thank goodness for the internet and honest female bloggers!). 

One of my favourite “the conversation” interviews is with Busy Phillips who talks about women’s body image

I think we ALL struggle with body image issues in some way, even if we don’t think we do. I don’t know one woman in my social circle who doesn’t pick out negative things about themselves and it’s ridiculous. I know that I am particularly hard on myself, I recently saw a video of myself doing a talk and wanted to crawl under my duvet and arrange for the entire internet to be wiped so there was no trace of this video ever existing.

But what if we all started to love our bodies? To recognise the wonderful things that they do? Would we start seeing a shift in how women are portrayed in newspapers and magazines? More importantly what if we as women stopped judging other women’s bodies on a day to day basis?

So let me as you a question…

What is one thing you could commit to daily to show your body some love?

Author: Rachael

I'm a journalist and creative consultant. I write about how busy women (just like you) can live, work and eat - better.

8 thoughts on “The Conversation: Women’s Body Image”

  1. Such a great article. As a former boudoir photographer, I have seen over a hundred women beat themselves up…skinny women, curvy women, it doesn’t matter. No one is happy with their body. The bets part of my job was showing them how beautiful they really were with their finished photos. I wish every woman could exerperience that!

  2. An interesting article. It is so important that TV, magazines etc show normal people and stop the pressures that are on people, especially on women.

    I agree about the pressures about pregnant tv celebs.

    I saw a video recently on how a model was photoshopped and was so scary as the finished ‘picture’ looked nothing like the original.


  3. So true, it is so sad really. I’m can bet my last $ that no one was focused on your body or glasses but listen to the message you had to deliver.

    There are some great campaigns by Dove products in Canada to celebrate women just as we are.

  4. So true and I know exactly how it feels. It was OK until I reached my 50’s but now I don’t like looking in the mirror and I think it is all to do with what they put in the news etc. I know I should eat more healthily but I love my chocolate and cream cakes !! Thanks for sharing a great post.

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