London: Sky Garden

I like heights. I especially like to see big cities from above. There’s something magical about looking at grand old buildings look so small and actually seeing how the city fits together.

So I LOVED my visit to the Sky Garden in London. Unfortunately it was raining so I didn’t manage to get outside (or get any really good pictures) but here are a few snaps I managed to take…

London Sky Garden

London Sky Garden

London Sky Garden

London Sky GardenLondon Sky Garden

London Sky GardenLondon Sky Garden

My verdict? Definitely go! Its free entry but you do have to book tickets (link below).

The Sky Garden has been designed to create an open and vibrant place of leisure, offering visitors a rare chance to experience London from a different viewpoint. –

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29 thoughts on “London: Sky Garden”

    1. I use an Olympus Pen (EP-1) and I love it. It’s small enough to just be thrown in my handbag but all the benefits of an SLR. It’s taken some abuse and still works like a dream! x

  1. Awe wow, saying it was raining and you couldn’t get the photos you may of wanted those pictures are fantastic hun, definitely on my list to go and see

  2. I’ve heard of the sky garden before and said I want to go, this post has reminded me that YES I will definitely go next time we are in London. Boo that it was raining for you.

  3. What an amazing view… I quite like the greu skies it really adds o the atmosphere of the pics! I will definately be visiting next time im in London.. I love free outings!

  4. Wow! This looks like a fabulous place to visit. Even though it was raining, it looked like there were some beautiful views.

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