Before you overshare – take note…


I bloody LOVE Robbie Williams!

But as much as I love Robbie, the live vlogging/tweeting of his son’s birth is – for me – a chronic case of oversharing.  And he’s not alone. We’ve ALL posted something to Twitter and Facebook that’s been a case of too much information or not of interest to anyone but our very own nearest and dearest. However, these days on social media, oversharing is rife and there really are somethings that need to remain private – especially when it comes to giving birth – the only people who need to see that are the people in the room with you.

So, before posting something on social media – especially if you’re prone to the odd occasion of oversharing, ask yourself these five questions…

1. Does your post contain anything about the parts of your body that when in public should be covered by clothes? If yes then it’s very unlikely that anyone on your friends and followers lists needs to know about it.

2. Is this something that you would comfortably say at a dinner party? Note, I’m not talking about the same level of conversation that you may have over a bottle (or two) of wine with the girls. I’m talking a real grown up dinner party. The general rule of thumb should be that if it’s not right for the dinner table then it’s not right for public broadcast.

3. Does the post involve something that you do in the bathroom? I like to think I’ve got a well-rounded and intelligent group of friends but I’ve seen some posts on Facebook that really should remain in the bathroom. If you’re thinking about sharing something that has taken place in your bathroom – for the love of everyone reading – please don’t post it.

4. Could I regret this later? About to share something that could come back to bite you in the ass later on? Well, stop and think before clicking publish. Posts that are intimate, elitist, have racist or homophobic undertones, rude or just make you sound crazy fit in to this category.

5. Am I trying to get attention? If yes then I’m afraid you’ve got oversharing-itis. Use this question to stop and think about why you’re actually telling all and sundry everything and as a delaying tactic to think about whether you really want to put that message out there.

Who knows why people feel the need to overshare, maybe it’s just the overspill of a generation who have been force fed talk shows and reality tv shows or maybe it’s because to be noticed against the mass of people online you have to be outrageous. But remember, social media isn’t a place you need to share all.

Author: Rachael

I'm a journalist and creative consultant. I write about how busy women (just like you) can live, work and eat - better.

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