3 Alternatives To Working In A Coffee Shop For Freelancers

As a freelancer I’m always looking for new places to work. I find myself at odds with working in coffee shops, I just can’t settle. My nosiness takes over and I end up flitting between facebook and listening to other people’s conversations.

Not good for a productive work day.

So here are 3 places where you can get your work done without over dosing on caffeine and inane chatter…

A public library…

On Friday I visited Birmingham’s new Library. WOW. With wifi, big open work spaces and a roof garden, it’s a shame that more libraries aren’t like it. But most libraries are pretty good workspaces.    They’re quiet, calm, full of resources and woefully underused these days.

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Santa Teresa Di Gallura – Sardinia in September…

I was reading Red Magazine this morning where they had a piece on waiting until September to take your summer holiday. I ALWAYS holiday in September or October. It’s cheaper, it’s quieter and you still have unbelievable weather.  I thought I’d share with you some of my past trips in September over a series of posts. If you’ve not already booked your summer break then this could give you some inspiration – if not, there’s always next year.

Santa Teresa Di Gallura Sardinia…I went last September (2011) in a private apartment which I booked though holidayrentals.co.uk. The apartment cost just £250 for 14 nights which is a bargain since we had beautiful balcony with sea views and a direct view of Bonifacio in Corsica.

Santa Teresa Di Gallura is a pretty touristy town. It’s where the Italians like to go and spend their summer holidays – so think Barry Island or Blackpool but in the sunshine. Lots of souvenir shops and stalls selling “i <3 Sardinia” t-shits etc. But don’t let that put you off visiting here. It’s a really lovely place, for every tourist shack there’s a traditional pizzeria or excellent pavement cafe where you can sit and watch the world go by with the most exquisite ice-cream you’ll ever taste.

Average prices…

Prices can be a little steep here. My first visit to Sardinia was the year before because I managed to get return flights for just £2 – so I stupidly expected it to be a “cheap” holiday – I was so wrong. The first night I was presented with a €24 bill for ordering just 4 beers. A lesson which was duly noted for my return visit.

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