live, work & eat better on a Friday #4

What are you planning on doing this weekend? My kitchen should be finished by Sunday so I’m planning on a full day of baking cakes – not so good for the diet. Anyway, here are just a few links from across the web that I think you’ll enjoy x

Sorting out all the new bills #admin #coffee


Is Mercury in Retrograde? Check here.

Anthony Bourdain has some good tips on Travel

Found a new blog that I absolutely LOVE this week. Becca from Bionic Buddha has a plethora of posts on living well. Including some sage advice on how to not lose your shit!

These black eyed children sightings are a bit weird aren’t they?

I love these musings by Slim Paley



Want to make money from your personal blog? Then have a read of this > Why Personal Blogs Can Never Really Survive Monetization

Do bloggers make more money than editors?

This new book has a great quote on procrastination…

Also, I feel like the word “procrastination” is too strong. Just because you’re on Twitter saying stuff, it doesn’t really mean you’re procrastinating. The status update has become such a fluid part of culture.


I believe that you can eat extremely well on a budget, it’s just all down planning and savvy shopping. In MY opinion the problem lies with people not having the skills to cook and budget for healthy foods. I’d love to know what you think of this story.

Madeline Shaw has some great tips on eating healthy this Autumn

And in vast contrast, I cannot wait to try out this recipe for red wine cake!

Have a good one x

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Fake it until you make it…

During my health coach training I’ve come across so many amazing people who want to blog and share their message but are held back by the fear that they don’t know what they’re doing or don’t think they’re good enough. Usually those are the people that have something really important to say too. Take Tanya of Tanya’s Healthy Living for example, her lack of technical knowledge had been putting her off starting her blog. However, we worked together and go her site up and running in no time at all. Now she’s on her third blog post and there’s no stopping her!

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I think the fear of just having a go is most definitely a creative thing, whether it’s writing, painting, acting, speaking, blogging etc the fear of people not thinking they are good enough means they fail to take action.
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