Are You A Morning Person? Setting Up a Morning Routine

There’s a really interesting article you should check out from Michael Hyatt who gives guidance on becoming a morning person. Apparently morning people make more money, are more productive, live a healthier, longer lives and are happier…

This is all down to creating a morning routine for yourself and one of my resolutions this year was to set a morning routine. Nothing over the top just simple things that would mean my day would get off to a roaring start.

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I’ve been a big fan of doing my to-do list the night before for a while. I find if I fail to write down what it is that I need to do the night before, I spend most of the day coasting, aimlessly going from project to project (or worse from twitter to facebook) and achieving nothing!

Working from home I think its imperative to have routines, so that the work/home life doesn’t blur (or at least doesn’t blur as much because there is and always will be an overlap).

But I’m also fascinated by other people’s routines (something I’ll be posting more about in the future)…

Leo from Zen Habits shared his routine: Continue reading “Are You A Morning Person? Setting Up a Morning Routine”